First truly useful cryptocurrency

Unicash brings new options to your money

What is Unicash?

Stable cryptocurrency with FIAT money properties, which thanks to a growing partner network represents a universal payment system

  • Security
  • Fast
  • Sability
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Why Unicash?

Why Unicash?

Availability and usability

In cooperation with partners Unicash solves availability of cryptocurrencies and its usability in the transfer of money

Secured by real value

The pledging of cryptocurrency brings together the greatest advantages of all payment resources

Secured and private

Thanks to the use of a decentralized protocol we've also successfully resolved issues of privacy and security

Small example

Small example

Still didn't try it?

Welcome to take a look into our free on-line wallet or use Unicash even safer by downloading the whole blockchain.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Buy and sell for local currency

Unicash (UXC) is a cryptocurrency, which a global network of partner exchanges and ATMs. Whereby connecting all payment services, which the partner exchanges offer. Thanks to Unicash it is possible to move resources across the entire partner network and this gives you many options! You will find your solution in the Buy/sell.

You just have to select a currency and payment system, where you keep your money and our search engine will find the best solution for purchasing Unicash. In reverse Unicash can also be sold, which is how you achieve transfer of money to anywhere in the world simply and quickly.

Good bye to (exchange rate) losses

Combination of security by real estatxe and the option of trading for your domestic currency, will give you the opportunity to be less dependent on market shifts, foreign transfers and exchange rate fluctuations. Keep finances in Unicash meansstability and comfort. 

Thanks to partner networks Unicash is highly liquid and therefore deletes exchange rate differences. It then becomes a gate between all types of payment resources and mainly the gate into the world of cryptocurrencies!

Enjoy freedom money

Blockchain technology and partner network system gives you an opportunity to send and receive stable digital currencies anywhere in the world,instantly, with the highest security and for almost zero fees.

Stability, liquidity and high level of privacy mean true financial freedom. This is what makes Unicash a popular instrument for truly effective transfers.

Overview of transaction

Overview of transaction

Review last transactions in network. In this overview you can review exchanges, which took place in the partner exchange network and look at reactions by our satisfied clients.

Exchange office:Transaction IDDateTransferAmountRating
unichange.io100 16218.4.2019UXCEUR490 UXC
unichange.io100 13426.11.2018UXCEUR78 UXC
mujprvnibitcoin.cz100 75426.9.2018EURUXC95 UXC
unichange.io100 0104.9.2018UXCEUR485 UXC
unichange.io100 0094.9.2018EURUXC87 UXC
unichange.io100 0013.9.2018CZKUXC38 UXC
mujprvnibitcoin.cz100 16217.8.2018CZKUXC80 UXC
mujprvnibitcoin.cz100 16117.8.2018EURUXC84 UXC
mujprvnibitcoin.cz100 16117.8.2018EURUXC84 UXC
mujprvnibitcoin.cz100 15917.8.2018CZKUXC38 UXC